I bring together different technologies to make your business goals a reality.


Thanks to my IT background, I worked on many projects as a developer. After that, I moved on to consultancy and startups.
Now I’m using my experience to find new approaches to achieve business results in innovative ways.

I have worked in the IT industry for more than 18 years as a developer, consultant, and startupper.

On development, I worked on many innovative projects ranging from startups to multinational corporations. Projects varied between media management, marketing promotion, geo-spatial operations, mobile wallet integrations, custom CRMs and platforms, and many more.
Being a full-stack developer, I worked with many different technologies learning how to understand the pros and cons, evaluate them, and decide which were the best for every specific project. I was also able to learn how to manage servers and how to provision them becoming accustomed to managing both bare-metal servers and major cloud providers.

I'm genuinely convinced that technology is a tool to achieve a result; any decision must be made on the business side, not technology.

On consultancy, I worked with some great teams and corporations, helping them integrate technology and applying best practices to their particular situations.

I managed development teams composed of very skilled people, both Italians (my nationality) and international ones.

I was able to work with management allocating budgets, planning project's roadmaps to achieve business results.
A very challenging aspect is to think in terms of business results focusing on goals and not on technology.

As a startupper, I funded (or co-funded) three startups: Bantamu was a two-sided marketplace for music professionals, which raised a seed fund in 2016; Uidu is the leading platform dedicated to no-profit organizations in Italy, it's private-funded; Hi.Diplo was a SaaS dedicated to developers I funded and built on my own across 2014 and 2015.
Being a startupper allowed me to learn how to interact with people with very different roles: co-founders, investors, and customers allowed me to work on my communication focusing on the goal that needs to be achieved.

In the last five years, I'm working at Twig: a strategic consultancy agency based in Milan (Italy) in which I lead multiple projects and I'm responsible for new businesses.

I'm specialized in applying technology to solve business needs focusing on maximizing results while managing constraints to make things done.


My business experience, matched with my IT background, allows me to give you fresh insights to achieve your business goals.



Thanks to my experience, I’m accustomed to thinking in business terms while managing a project, focusing on business goals that need to be achieved. I was CTO and co-founder of startups, so I learned to apply the management perspective on any given problem.


Technology was the beginning of my professional career, and it is going along with me across many different roles I had in years. A deep understanding of technology allows people to decompose problems better to get a solution to them.


I learned that strategy is fundamental to achieve results, managing constraints, and adapting them within a dynamic ecosystem. It’s essential always to have a strategic approach to organize activities producing a coherent execution.


I managed teams to design innovative projects while working for multiple clients. My team and I designed activities to bring innovation from outside the company, creating an environment around the product to improve the given value to the final customer.

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I like to get involved in new ideas and bring my experience to the table. Feel free to reach me; we can get a call or a meeting to discover new opportunities.